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The Center for Global Surgery Evaluation (CGSE) was established in 2018 and produces scientific research focused on outcomes to increase access to surgical care and inform surgery policy on a global scale. 


CGSE utilizes a systems approach to address the root cause of all barriers faced in accessing surgical care. Taking into account the reality that policy decisions are multifactorial and outcomes may conflict, CGSE is focused on alleviating the economic obstacles with systemic underpinnings that stand in the way of patients obtaining the care they need. This is achieved through an extrapolation of the guiding Socratic principle that the unexamined work is not worth performing.

To carry out this vision, CGSE offers a fellowship for those seeking to make a contribution to the field of global surgery through scientific research centered around impact evaluation. The purpose of the fellowship is to train future leaders in academic global surgery to develop research skills and tools for evaluating the outcomes of interventions, specifically in low and middle-income countries. Fellows will work collaboratively with CGSE team members and also in close contact with the Paul Farmer Global Surgery Research Fellows at the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change.

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