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The PGSSC Global Surgery Research Seminar is a public seminar series that aims to share methods and results across a broader surgery research community. Over the course of ten seminars, our goal is to strengthen general knowledge and specific skills by learning from the experience of our seminar speakers.

The Research Seminar will be held the second Tuesday of each month, from 9:00 a.m. EST to 10:00 a.m EST.


For each Research Seminar session, we identify a common theme and similar methods. Each speaker will present for 20-25 minutes, followed by a 30-minute open discussion on the topic. All are welcome; specific details and registration links for sessions are available for each individual session.

Videos of this year's past research seminar sessions and research seminar sessions from 2021-2022 are made available online if you are not able to join us live. 


  1. September 8: Multi-site randomized trials in global surgery, with Han-Kwang Yang and Adesoji Ademuyiwa 

  2. October: No research seminar 

  3. November 10: Access to blood for global surgery, with Marie Paul Nisingizwe and Meghan Delaney 

  4. December 8: Gender disparities in global surgery: disparities amongst students and providers, with Grace Kansayisa and Doris Sarmiento

  5. January 12: Task sharing in global surgery, with Tigistu Ashengo and Jessica Passman

  6. February 9: Cost-effectiveness in global surgery, with Sergio Torres-Rueda and Andy Healy

  7. March 9: Global Surgery Systems Readiness, with Albino Kalolo and Katherine Iverson

  8. May 11: Health equity through action on social determinants of health, with Michael Marmot and Michaela Hyrie

  9. June 1: Digital Technology in Global Surgery with Stephen Knight and Theoneste Nkurunziza

JUNE 1, 2023


This seminar will focus on readiness assessments for global surgery. The featured speakers will dive into their experiences conducting research focused on the creation and implementation of readiness assessment tools across varied settings. 

- Registration Required. Please click here to register.

If you cannot join us for this live session, we welcome you to watch a recording, which will be available here.

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