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Do We Have a Right to Surgery? The Case for Access to All. Jacquelyn Corley, Rolvix Patterson. Global Health NOW. September 2018. 

The Missing Piece in the Struggle for Universal Health Coverage. Rolvix Patterson, John Meara. Global Citizen. October 2018.

Stop Trump's War on Global Health. Jacquelyn Corley, Rolvix Patterson. RealClearPolitics. October 2018. 

Gender Equity Key to Providing Patients with Best Possible Surgical Care. Dominique Vervoort. Global Health NOW. October 2018. 

Trauma surgeons caution about global firearm violence. Sebastian Shu, Jacquelyn Corley. The Hill.  

Ending Fistula within a generation. Roa, Romanzi. Voice of One.Surgey. January 2019. 

Policymakers relying too much on life expectancy in formulating health policy. Jacquelyn Corley and Gail Rosseau. The Hill. July 2018

The Stake Neurosurgeons Have in Gun Control. Jacquelyn Corley and Jacob Lepard. Doximity. August 2018. 

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