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Access to Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Quality Care

"The Healthcare Access and Quality (HAQ) index, developed by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), uses estimates of amenable mortality to quantify health system performance over time. While there is a growing literature with regard to overall health system performance at the country level, little is known about the performance of surgical systems over time at the country level. In order to quantify access to quality surgical care, evaluate changes over time, and link these changes to health care investments, we built on IHME's methodology to derive surgical and non-surgical HAQ sub-indices for 195 countries from 1990-2016.  


The interactive tool below allows you to select countries to see how these indices have changed over time. Simply choose between one and four countries on the left side of the tool to see these changes. In general, high-income countries show more rapid improvement in surgical HAQ, whereas low-income countries show slower improvement in surgical HAQ." 

For more information on methodology and implications, refer to the paper titled "A country-level comparison of access to surgical versus non-surgical quality healthcare from 1990-2016."

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