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Map of Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, and Obstetrician Density

How to Use

This map depicts the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and obstetrician density per country based on data from the WHO Global Health Observatory, World Bank World Development Indicators, and the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists Workforce Map.


The specialty (and data source) may be selected in the drop-down. The color of the map represents the density/100,000 population. When hovering over each country, you can see the absolute number of specialists, as well as the year that the data represents. This is the most recent data available from each respective source. Note that the world bank data represents the combined surgeon, anesthesiologist, and obstetric specialist workforce, and the absolute numbers are derived from the specialist density per 100,000 and may not be whole numbers. Countries without colors are countries that have no data available.

Submit Data

This webpage is designed as part of conjoined efforts between the Program in Global Surgery and Social Change and the World Bank to update the Surgical Specialist Indicators.


Included below is a link that will bring you to a form to suggest updated specialist numbers. If you fill out this form, we will reach out to you to validate the source of the data. If valid, we will use the data to inform the next round of data collection for the World Bank.

Form to update SAO numbers

Data Sources

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