Global Surgery Research Seminar
Past Events

The PGSSC Global Surgery Research Seminar is a public seminar series which aims to share methods and results across a broader surgery research community. Over the course of ten seminars, our goal is to strengthen general knowledge and specific skills by learning from the experience of our seminar speakers.

Videos of past Research Seminar sessions can be found on this page. 

2021-2022 Research Seminar

  1. September 9: Perceptions of "Global Surgery": The use of online surveys, with Betel Yibrehu and Ulrick Sidney Kanmounye

  2. October 14: The Financial Risk of Surgery: The use of tools to assess expenditure, with Juliet Okoroh and Geoffrey Anderson

September 9, 2021

Perceptions of "Global Surgery":
the use of online surveys 

This seminar discussed perceptions of the field of global surgery, highlighting studies in Cameroon and Canada. The featured speakers highlighted their research results and dove into their experiences using online surveys as a research tool.

October 14, 2021

The Financial Risk of Surgery: 
The use of tools to assess expenditure

This seminar will discuss the risk of catastrophic expenditures arising from surgical care, highlighting studies in Ghana and Uganda. The featured speakers will highlight their research results and will dive into their experiences using tools to assess care expenditures and calculate financial risk.