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 Past NSOAP Events

NSOAP Writing Workshop 2022

A 3-day NSOAP writing workshop was organized by the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Service (MHSS) following the 2022 COSECSA conference  

On 21-22 March 2018, a diverse group of 79 surgery, obstetric and anaesthesia stakeholders from 25 countries gathered at the Harvard Medical School Center for Global Health Delivery – Dubai to provide technical guidance for national surgical, obstetric, and anaesthesia planning (NSOAP) and learn from the experiences of neighboring countries who have completed this process.

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The Ministry of National Health Services and Regulation, in collaboration with Indus Health Network, is convened a Stakeholders’ Conference for the National Vision for Surgical Care to define a framework and targets to pioneer a National Surgical, Obstetric, and Anaesthesia Plan (NSOAP) implementation in Pakistan, with a goal to as a model for other countries in Asia with similar demographic and resource dynamics

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Recognizing the indispensable role of surgical care and anesthesia in achieving Universal Health Coverage (SDG 3.8), this workshop supported country-led plans for scaling up of surgical and anaesthesia care as part of health system strengthening and explored potential financing mechanisms. This workshop focused on global and regional collaboration, the role of WHO Regional Offices, high level authorities, Ministry of Health leadership, and funding agencies.

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The first Tanzanian NSOAP was launched by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly, and Children in March 2018.

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